"I had the pleasure to work with Erica Campanelli during July of 2015 for a digital marketing position.  From our initial discussions and through multiple stages of interviews she showed incredible professionalism and a genuinely caring attitude.  Her follow-up was timely and she seemed sincerely invested in my success.  I would highly recommend Ms. Campanelli and would be eager to work with her again in the future." ~ Joseph A., September 2015

"I am grateful to CornerStone for giving me an opportunity when everyone else said 'no'.  You kept me alive and gave me hope." ~ Shereen T., July 2015

"I am truly Grateful for this company and its employees . . . Especially Ashley at the Hurst Office.  She is more than amazing at what she does and just her welcoming spirit will do it all.  She's THE lady to see at CornerStone!! With that being said I wouldn't have had success with jobs without her.  THANK YOU once again Ashley you're the Best and you're truly appreciated by myself and others." ~ Desure, June 2015

"I had an AMAZING experience here! I worked with Paige Condon and she truly went above and beyond to not only get me a job by the end of my time deadline, but she helped me get a well paying job I can take pride in and enjoy doing! Daily e-mails and phone calls were evidence of her constant dedication to helping and putting her heart in her work!  Thank you so so much!" ~ Tiffani S., June 2015

"I want to thank Mrs. Giselle Soto Hernandez from the NFW location.  I received the call I have been waiting for.  It felt like eternity.  Thank you so much for setting me up with this wonderful company.  Thank you for believing in me and not once did you give up on me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Many happy tears and doing the happy dance!" ~ Rheba O., June 2015

"Ms. Julie, thank you for the best job ever.  I am doing what I like, cleaning. I became a permanent employee at this job.  CornerStone Staffing on Summit, you rock! The #1 staffing in Texas.  Thank the good Lord for ya'll.  I'm very blessed." ~ Maryjane L., December 2014

"I want to thank everyone at CorernStone Staffing Lewisville (especially Kara Nix). You worked with me in finding temp jobs when that was what I was looking for and when I was ready to get a permanent job you pulled through. You sent me to a wonderful company and I am working with some great people. Becoming permanent a few weeks ago with my new "work family" has truly been a blessing. People look for a job only in which they have training or long term experience...Accepting temporary positions helps you build new experiences and a lot of different training. Soon, one will find themselves realizing that new can be good.  I never thought that I would be working in the position that I am, but I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything." ~ April L., November 2014

"Thanks so much CornerStone! I was previously hired permanent by a client that you sent me to. When I found myself back in the job market, I didn't hesitate to sign up with CornerStone once again. Within 5 days they called me with a great position, within a great company, with great pay. On October 21, 2014 I became permanent with this great company! Thanks CornerStone, you're the best!!" ~ Shanda B., November 2014

"Thanks CornerStone! I have been with them, on and off, for a few years.  They are very good at finding you a job.  I hope I won't need you, but if I do I will be back." ~ Maria N., November 2014

"My hiring experience with Cornerstone Staffing Addison was just wonderful.  They knew I had a lot of experience in the customer service department so they sent me to a call center and after all the hard work for the past 3 months I was finally permanent on Nov 3rd.  I couldn't be happier. Thank you CornerStone Staffing, not only for helping me but for believing in me." ~ Ashley P., November 2014

"Good morning. I just wanted to take a minute as I start my new position to say thank you.  I had been unemployed and searching for months to find a job. I had been on interviews but had not had much luck.  Once I registered with CornerStone I was interviewed and placed within 2 weeks. The experience with CornerStone has been great, I love my new job, the company and coworkers are wonderful. I really enjoy the job and a super friendly staff here. It felt comfortable from day one.  I would like to thank you personally for your effort to find me a job and your thoroughness in following up and seeing how things were going. I really truly appreciate this opportunity.  Thank you!" ~ Laura M., October 2014

"I would like to start off by saying thank you all for everything. Since the first day I stepped in your doors it has been nothing but a good experience. Everyone was always so helpful. I interviewed with CornerStone one day and they sent me out on a job interview the same day and I have been there every since. I finally made full-time this August 24 and I'm super excited! I always recommended CornerStone to anyone that is looking for a good job. Thank you again for the start of my new career." ~ Jessica J., September 2014

"You guys have been extremely friendly and helpful. Thanks so much for connecting me with my *now* fulltime employer! I really appreciate your hard work, and making my job hunt much less painful than it could have been!" ~ Julie M., September 2014

"I went to CornerStone Staffing in Fort Worth just after moving to Texas. The process was so easy. I was offered an interview with a company within 2 days. Had a job offer as temp to hire within hours of my interview. Then within 90 days hired as a full time employee. I appreciate all the help from the staff in the downtown Fort Worth office. Thank you!" ~ Shani R., August 2014

"Thanks to CornerStone I found temporary employment with a great company at fair pay that lead to a full-time position with amazing benefits. Thank you CornerStone!" ~ Carey T., July 2014

"Thank you so much for your effects from greeting me at the door and with smiling faces no matter how busy it was.  Everyone treated each other with dignity and class and for that I want to express my thank you." ~ Anthony M., June 2014

"I want to thank you so very much for staying after me to take the contract assignment. I am so very happy to have this opportunity, and will be forever grateful to you for working to get me into my ideal situation." ~ Jeff M., June 2014

" I just wanted to thank you fro finding me the position.  I'm quite happy here and am so grateful for everything CornerStone has done to help my family and I in the past several month.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  This position has really changed my life." ~ Valerie T, May 2014

"Thanks to CornerStone Staffing, I now have a permanent position. CornerStone now only allowed me to change my career path, but assisted me with additional training to make that happen. Thank you so much Tiffany, Sara, Tara & Leigh! You ladies are awesome!" ~ Tish S., May 2014

"CornerStone was an invaluable resource for me after I moved to town and had trouble getting work. They sought out opportunities that fit my experience and needs and set me up with an interview within a week of signing on. I've now gone permanent with the company CornerStone set me up with and am thrilled to have permanent full-time employment after months of searching. Thanks, CornerStone!" ~ Jeff W., April 2014

"Kim Palmer & the team at CornerStone Staffing studied my skills then placed me in 1 of the top health systems in North Dallas. I could not have found a better opportunity on my own.  After 3 months, the company asked me to interview for another position.  Now I  am a full-time employee, with amazing benefits, doing something I love to do.  Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards CornerStone Staffing.  I highly recommend them to all job seekers." ~ Tamyka J., February 2014

"I have had the best experience with CornerStone.  The last time I signed up with them, I went on a temp to perm position where I was hired full time and worked there for 3 years.  After a lengthy absence, I have returned and am soooo impressed.  I signed up on a Wednesday and by Monday, they were calling me.  The following Friday, I accepted an assignment where I had to have a drug test done.  That process was simple and quick and I start my new assignment on Monday.  I know the testing phase can be a pain, but you have to go in knowing that it's going to take a while.  I was in and out within 2 hours, which is incredibly quick.  The staff is incredible and if you are looking for work, please check them out!  Even though it had been 5 years since I had worked for them, they welcomed me back and I tell all my friends/acquaintances to go there first, that they won't be sorry!!  I look forward to another long and prosperous relationship with CornerStone." ~ Hope S., January 2014




"I wanted to say THANK YOU to CornerStone for all your efforts recruiting for our last Customer Service Fitness Blitz, it was a great success.  Our management team is very impressed by the number and quality of candidates you continually provide. I also wanted to say a special THANK YOU to Rebecca.  She is a ROCK STAR! Her calmness helps to keep me calm during the high stressful times of trying to get background checks completed to meet our deadlines." ~ Christine M., October 2016

"I've only heard great things about all of the temps who worked our event this weekend. We were all amazed how quickly you brought them together and gratified that they were excellent workers." ~ October 2016

"Don't worry, if I need anyone else I will most certainly contact CornerStone first. you have made this very easy from the beginning.  I won on the first candidate you sent, and that is exceptional for me considering I had already been through numerous candidates with another company.  I really appreciate the assistance and the screening for quality people that CornerStone does." ~ Kittie V., September 2016

"I wanted to thank you for the level of service that CornerStone provides us. Most staffing agencies, are just another place to pull additional labor. However, the team of Ashley Salisbury and Amber Thomas in Arlington have become an extension of our HR Department and we wouldn’t be able to pull it off without them. . . Amber and Ashley have consistently done an amazing job for us and the power duo continues to shine. Without having CornerStone to rely on, I don’t think it would have happened. Thank you for being awesome." ~ Sara W., August 2016

"I just wanted to write an email to first say how impressed <we are> with Daniel Stancil and how professional he has been during our process to find good candidates. <We> would have never entertained CornerStone if it wasn’t for Daniel's persistence and continuing to build a relationship with us. I find that a lot of agencies just care about their needs and sending me candidates all the time, but Daniel actually took time to get to know me as a person and our business needs, which speaks highly in my book. So thank you Daniel for all your hard work!  On another note, we are very impressed with Kim. We have tried many different agencies and this is the first candidate that we have even entertained the idea of wanting to convert permanently...It’s always a pleasure to work with you, Todd and even more of a pleasure when you send people like Daniel to represent! Really appreciate CornerStone and look forward to working together more and more!" ~ Katie S., May 2016

"I would really like to express to CornerStone how much I appreciate Michelle Zabonik as my rep.  She always goes above and beyond for us.  Even has worked with me after hours to get a job placed.  She is a great representation of what a dedicated and professional company CornerStone is.  I honestly would like this to go to her supervisor (if other than you) and have this placed in her Personnel file.  She is always so quick in response, addresses my concerns promptly and professionally and is always able to give me additional tests, backgrounds, even handle discipline problems immediately!  I just want to thank you as a company and most of all make you aware of the type of employee you have in Michelle." ~ Mellany S., May 2016

"I wanted to take a minute and let you know that CornerStone Staffing has been of great assistance to our Operations team.  They have provided candidates very quickly and even backfilled one of their own that gave short notice who was unable to arrive to one of our shops.  I deal mostly with Nicole Baker and she has more than a pleasure to talk to and work with.  Very understanding to our needs and has always come through for us.  Thank you for making the change to CornerStone for our Temp needs." ~ Mario P., May 2016

"Both Jean and Jarod, as well as Charlotte have been very impressive. They have been, by far, the best temps we have ever had. I really appreciate your help with providing these three exceptional people. They have been a blessing to us and greatly helped this week." ~ Chris K., November 2015

"Hi Miranda ~  I just wanted to say that you and your team have just kept "hitting it out of the park"! Many of our Hiring Mangers and Executives are speaking very highly of your results and related efforts. We have no other agency producing the results that you are accomplishing. It is with our sincere thank you to you and your team for this.  Maybe we can get you and your team to "pitch hit" for the Texas Rangers; should they need all y'all to step in...HA!! Keep the good ones coming..." ~ Gary E., October 2015

"Hello Daniel ~ Thank you for providing lunch for our team today. They were surprised and happy. We appreciate your thoughtfulness. It was good getting to know you today. It has been a pleasure working with you and Nicole. I always expect quality candidates and you have never let us down.  I like it that you make sure the candidates are a good fit for us. You not only send us candidates but you also check in and make sure we have a good work experience. Because of you, when I think of CornerStone I think quality and pure excellence. I will definitely recommend CornerStone to anyone that I hear need help in the future. Thank you for being such a good Account Manager." ~ Scharen C., HR-Claims Department, National Department Store, August 2015

 "Rebecca, you are superlative in your service and support. You are diligent, conscientious, proactive and, when it come to recruiting, my BIGGEST asset. I don't do business with Cornerstone I do business with you and Thomas. God bless you and have a great day!!"~ Ken W., May 2015

"Jamie, Thank you for providing our department with such high-quality talent! We've worked with a handful of services over the years, but none have come close to matching the results we've experienced with CornerStone. I appreciate your partnership, Jamie!"~ Robin P., March 2015

"Happy New Years Mr. Becker.  Hats off to you and your staff for providing many excellent employees to me in 2014. Most CornerStone Staffing employees that reported to me met or exceeded my expectations. That said, your temporary employee has provided excellent service for our agency. Her assignment ends on Monday, January 5, 2015.  Attached is a recommendation letter for your use and consideration for another assignment for her.  Take care and have a blessed 2015." ~ James W., December 2014

"Colby came by and we had an excellent visit.  I really appreciate the personal attention Jamie and Colby have given us." ~ John L., July 2014

"I just wanted to tell you how awesome your staff was in assisting me with an order yesterday!  They got right on it and filled it within hours for me! The individual is starting on Monday which has made us very happy." ~ Heather R., July 2014

"Your associate is great!  She showed up on time and didn’t fuss about any of the manual labor or cleaning I asked her to do And she was wearing heels and a skirt suit and looked and acted very professionally . . . .THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!" ~ Carrie B., April 2014

"CornerStone: Another successful placement.  We are PROUD to announce that on December 30, 2013, we hired 2 CornerStone associates as full time employees.  Thanks so much for working with us to find candidates with just the RIGHT STUFF." ~ Renita S., January 2014